Gambit and Rogue reunite in their own 2023 title

Rogue & Gambit #1 cover
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Gambit and Rogue are one of the most beloved X-couples in the entire X-Men franchise, with their fraught relationship drama being one of the key subplots of '90s X-Men comics, and even the classic X-Men: The Animated Series. And now, after being apart for some time as Gambit has been on a quest in Otherworld, they'll be reunited in a new five-issue limited series simply Rogue & Gambit.

Rogue & Gambit is written by Tini Howard with art from Carlos Gomez and covers from Steve Morris, and likely focuses on the aftermath of Gambit's time in Otherworld in which he died and was resurrected - but only after a quest to find the mainstream Marvel Universe Gambit in the Multiverse, as mutants who die in Otherworld and are resurrected often come back with drastic changes to their personalities.

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This is not the first title for the couple, who got married back in 2018, and who had a subsequent title named Mr. and Mrs. X. However, as we said, they've been apart for a little while as Rogue has been serving on the X-Men while Gambit has been on a quest in Otherworld to save the mutants who reside there from extermination by the machinations of Merlyn - who was subsequently sentenced to death by Betsy Braddock/Captain Britain following a pitched battle.

Now the pair are seemingly back on Krakoa and resettling back into married life, though there's likely more to the story than that - though Marvel hasn't announced any details of the title's plot.

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