Future State: Justice League #2 signals a new, expanded series is coming

Future State: Justice League #2
(Image credit: DC)

It looks like more Future State: Justice League is in DC's future, and likely with an expanded team. The second issue of the two-issue limited series seems to strongly suggest Justice League will be the second Future State property that will branch off into an upcoming new title along with the just-announced Future State: Gotham

Future State: Justice League #2 cover (Image credit: DC)

The majority of titles in the two-month DC event that takes place in various DC Universe future timelines are seeding storylines that will be pick-up when the publisher's main contemporary line returns and refreshes in March and beyond in the post-Death Metal new DC Universe they're calling the Infinite Frontier era.

The line-up includes Future State prequel series like The Next Batman: Second Son and Mister Miracle: The Source of Freedom which tells the origin story of both characters, respectively.

However, February 9's Future State: Justice League by writer Joshua Williamson is looking forward and not backward, and given DC's deliberate marketing style almost certainly means a continuation along the lines of Future State: Gotham is in the works. 

Spoilers for Future State: Justice League #2

In the final pages of the issue Wonder Woman (Yara Flor), Superman (Jonathan Kent), Batman (Fox), Green Lantern (Jo Mullein), The Flash (Jess Chambers), and Aquawoman (Andy Curry) gather for an informal dinner in the Hall of Justice to discuss their future together. Team leader Green Lantern immediately turns the discussion to who they should invite to join their Justice League and the last splash page features numerous candidates. 

The possible candidates include:

Future State: Justice League #2's last page (Image credit: DC)

A new Future State: Justice League title would also explain Williamson's recent comments to Newsarama that he has plans for Jess Chambers, the non-binary Flash from the Future State: Justice League series.

"We'll definitely see them again, for sure," Williamson replies, asked by Newsarama if readers will see Chambers again.

"I always worry about getting into too many spoilers. Their story isn't over…I have a plan for the DCU and a plan for all this stuff in Infinite Frontier and Jess is definitely part of that plan."

Williamson cautioned, however, that those plans might not be immediate. 

"That's going to take some time though, just warning you," Williamson says. "We plan so far in advance now… So, some of these things are going to take time to get there, but I think people will be happy with some of it."

If accurate, a new, expanded Future State: Justice League title could be one of five upcoming projects Williamson has in the works at DC, others being the first six issues of the previously-mentioned Future State: Gotham title which is a Red Hood story arc and the new Robin ongoing series

DC did not respond to inquiries about the future of Future State: Justice League.

Future State: Justice League has a tall task ahead of it to be considered one of the best Justice League stories of all time.

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