New non-binary Flash to continue their run in new DC Universe Infinite Frontier

Kid Quick concept art
(Image credit: Eleonora Carlini (DC))

New DC speedster Jess Chambers's brief but winding journey will continue in the Infinite Frontier new DC Universe, writer Josh Williamson tells Newsarama.

DC's first non-binary character debuted as teen sidekick Kid Quick as part of a gender-swapped Teen Titans team from Earth-11. That story by writer Ivan Cohen and artist Eleonora Carlini was part of the DC's Very Merry Multiverse anthology one-shot.

Chambers then graduated to the publisher's January-February Future State event. They appear as the Flash alongside Superman (Jonathan Kent), Wonder Woman (Yara Flor), the Next Batman (Tim Fox), and others as members of the near-future Earth-Prime's Justice League in the limited series by Williamson and penciler Robson Rocha.

"They came from the Multiverse to warn our world of a great conspiracy and stayed behind to help with the fallout," reads Williamson's introduction to Chambers in Future State: Justice League #1.

And since Future State was designed in part to seed future storylines for the new DCU, that "great conspiracy" may be a story Williamson has plans to tell someday.

"We'll definitely see them again, for sure," Williamson replies, asked by Newsarama if readers will see Chambers again.

"I always worry about getting into too many spoilers. Their story isn't over. And if you look in the issue, especially once you get to Future State: Justice League #2, you can see I'm a big fan of them as a character," he continues. "I've written a lot of Flash. So, it was important to me to do something different and to write a Flash that I hadn't written before."

art from Future State: Justice League #1

art from Future State: Justice League #1 (Image credit: DC)

When offered to work with Chambers, Williamson says he "totally went for it and really fell in love with writing all of the characters or writing their relationship with Andy (Aquawoman in Future State: Justice League) in particular. It was one of the things that unlocked the stuff in my head for writing the whole cast."

"I have a plan for the DCU and a plan for all this stuff in Infinite Frontier and Jess is definitely part of that plan," Williamson reveals in our upcoming new interview about the writer's lead work in March's Infinite Frontier #0, the kick-off to the new DC Universe.

However, Chambers's return may not happen immediately.

"That's going to take some time though, just warning you," Williamson cautions. "We plan so far in advance now…

"...So, some of these things are going to take time to get there, but I think people will be happy with some of it."

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