The 25 funny Achievements and Trophies on PS3/Xbox 360

inFAMOUS 2 - Dont Fence Me In (Bronze Trophy)

Climb a chain link fence and rejoice.

Since Cole wasnt able to climb chain-link fences AT ALL in the first game, inFAMOUS fans can get a good chuckle out of this.

Guitar Hero III - Tail Between Your Legs (0G)

Refuse a boss battle

Its perfectly fine to hold off on one of Guitar Hero IIIs challenging boss battles until a later time; just dont think the game wont rub it in. It might as well call us chicken.

Lollipop Chainsaw - I Swear! I Did It By Mistake! (10G / Bronze Trophy)

Peeped under Juliet's skirt once.

As soon as we saw Juliet, we knew plenty of pervs would try and check out her underside. Kudos to Suda 51 for calling us all out on it.

Mass Effect 3 - Mail Slot (10G / Bronze Trophy)

Kill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.

That slot in the Guardians shield was just BEGGING for some hot lead right through them, werent they? Nice of BioWare to reward our dead eye shooting.

Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 - Solid Snape (15G / Bronze Trophy)

Hide in a barrel as Snape

We cant help but wonder how Metal Gear would be different with Snape as the protagonist. Better yet, with Alan Rickman as the protagonist. Can this happen? Soon?

Rock Band 2 - The San Dimas 4th Annual Award (15G / Bronze Trophy)

Compete in a Battle of the Bands event

WILD STALLYNS! Any Bill and Ted reference is OK by us, especially the Battle of the Bands at the end of Bogus Journey. Any time we can remember William Sadlers brilliant performance as Death wins major points.

Borderlands - Youre On A Boat! (15G / Bronze Trophy)

I bet you never thought youd be here.

No, we never thought wed be on a Borderlands. Seriously, the first area of the game is the Arid Badlands. Nothing about that says naval travel.

Borderlands 2 - What Does It Mean? (15G / Bronze Trophy)

I cant even capture it on my camera

OH HO HO HO!!! OH HO HO!!! PERFECT DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAYYY!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! OH HO HO HO!!! Excellent homage to one of the best viral videos out there.

Alan Wakes American Nightmare - One Day Ill Buy A Stapler (20G)

Find all of the manuscript pages.

This achievement brings up an interesting fact: the entire Alan Wake series would be moot with the existence of a single stapler. What, does the Dark Place not have any need of staplers? Milton would be PISSED.

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD - Problem Solved, Series Over (10G / Bronze Trophy)

Create the Ocelot Time Paradox.

Look, we know Ocelot is annoying in MGS3, with his grating voice and stupid hand gesture. Just resist the urge to kill him until the time comes, alright?

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