Fruit Ninja: over 300 million customers served

If you ever needed evidence of Fruit Ninja's remarkable success, look no further than the latest batch of stats fresh from Halfbrick Studios' recent Fruit Ninja event.

Following the team's Australian tour that saw the Fruit Ninja dojo roll through Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, Halfbrick revealed some juicy numbers that illustrate just how far the idea of cutting fruit has spread across the world.

First up, the downloads. Over three million and counting. That's given Fruit Ninja more players than the populations of New York, London, Beijing, Paris and Tokyo combined. That's the equivalent of 100 years of Fruit Ninja played every single day. And all that slicing and dicing has resulted in more than 1.5 trillion pieces of fruit cleft in twain.

The event also revealed Australia's Fruit Ninja master: 20-year-old Melbournite Jess Nunn, who's earned herself a trip to Japan where, presumably, she'll be able to put her sword skills to practice against the nation's masses of airborne watermelons.

And now, time for us to get back to topping our high score. What's yours?

Darren Wells