The first Frozen 2 reactions are out – but is it a "worthy sequel"?

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The Frozen 2 world premiere took place last night, and the first reactions to the animated sequel have been posted to Twitter. Turns out it's certainly a good job Disney didn't let this franchise go (sorry), because journalists and critics are nearly all positively glowing about the movie on social media. 

Darker and more complex

Where the first Frozen was relatively straight forward story of two sisters, broken hearts, and talking snowmen, the sequel looks set to be more "epic" and even slightly more mature than the original.

A worthy sequel?

The jury's still out on whether Frozen 2 surpasses the original. While the general consensus seems to be that the movie is certainly a "worthy sequel", some journalists agree that they need a little more time to decide whether it's better or not. 

"Into the Unknown"

Whether Frozen 2 can outshine the original will no doubt prove a contentious debate. However, we are guaranteed to have another ear-worm on our hands, as many journalists have said the song "Into the Unknown" is "Let it Go" good. 

These are, of course, just social media reactions. The real test will come when the review embargo breaks next week. Keep an eye on GamesRadar+ for the Total Film review. Frozen 2 reaches cinemas 22 November.

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