FromSoftware will host an hour-long Armored Core 6 showcase next month

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon
(Image credit: FromSoftware / Bandai Namco)

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is listed for an hour-long slot at the Taipei Game Show (opens in new tab) next month, all but confirming new footage of the next game from Elden Ring studio FromSoftware.

Publisher Bandai Namco has a pre-load for the stream already up on its official YouTube channel (opens in new tab). The description, loosely translated from Chinese, promises "the information that the mercenaries want." It also confirms that series producer and promotional marketer Yasunori Ogura will make an appearance during the showcase.

It isn't clear exactly what's in store for Armored Core fans at the Taipei Game Show, but given that it's scheduled for a full hour, it's very likely we'll see some new footage of some kind. The long-rumored sequel was only just announced last month, so I'd say FromSoftware fans are eating well with the news of this appearance.

In case you're unfamiliar, Armored Core is a third-person shooter mecha series dating all the way back to 1997. It's known for its steep learning curve (*shocked face*) and multiplayer elements, and while that doesn't sound terribly different from Dark Souls on paper, FromSoftware has made it crystal clear that the next game in the series isn't a Soulslike. Regardless, since so many FromSoftware fans jumped on the train due to Dark Souls or, more recently, Elden Ring, and also because there hasn't been a new Armored Core game since 2012, Fires of Rubicon is likely to be many peoples' introduction to the series.

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