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Fringe Season Four Competition

In case you hadn’t heard, Fringe is the best show on American TV right now. The tale of parallel universes, mysterious Observers, physic-defying mysteries and the Fringe agents who keep the world safe has dazzled us over four seasons, and achieved that rare feat of only getting better since its debut. The good news for you is the complete fourth season is available to buy on Blu-ray and DVD from 24 September 2012 (today!), so to celebrate we’re giving away three copies in super-shiny HD.

“Fringe: The Complete Fourth Season sees the FBI’s Fringe Division continue their mission to heal the rifts between the two worlds. However, to complicate matters further, Peter has mysteriously returned to a universe in which he never existed – a virtual stranger to the Fringe team – while a God Complex–driven madman is crossing between realities with a terrifying endgame in mind that will destroy both worlds!

The Fringe team must not only struggle to reset their reality and find each other again, but save both universes…by sacrificing more than one of their lives!”

Arriving with just enough time to catch up before the fifth and final season airs this autumn, the complete fourth season comes with all 22 mind-bending episodes (including the all-important “Letters Of Transit”, which you’ll definitely want to rewatch before the season five premiere) and over two hours of special features (one of which you can check out below), including two Blu-ray exclusives and a 23 page digital comic. To be in with a chance of winning answer the question behind this magic link .

While you're here, why not check out an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray? WARNING: massively spoilery if you haven't seen season four yet.

[VAMS id="yrdH59uS8ak7r"]

Jordan Farley
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