Friends With Money review

"You're eating a lot of shit - I can see it on your ass!" Jason Isaacs tells wife Catherine Keener. "Your breath smells like a dead man's!" she fires back furiously. Curiously, theirs is one of the more stable relationships in Nicole Holofcener's female-oriented comedy-drama, an astute portrait of rich Los Angelenos whose money is no buffer against the trials of modern life.

Not that Olivia (Jennifer Aniston) has it any easier. Forced to clean her friends' houses to make a crust, her breadline existence supplies a telling contrast to her peers' consumption and self-absorbed selfishness - best typified by Frances McDormand's embittered designer. To her credit, though, Holofcener refuses to judge her characters, letting us decide for ourselves which of her impeccable ensemble deserves our attention and empathy.

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