Friday the 13th: The Game co-creator reveals planned content that the studio was "forced to stop making"

Friday the 13th Game
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The co-creator of Friday the 13th: The Game has revealed content plans the studio was "forced to stop" working on.

Wes Keltner, co-creator of Friday the 13th: The Game and CEO of Gun Media has taken to Twitter with a thread revealing a number of content plans that were scrapped. He opened the thread with the phrase "Enough Time Has Passed," a reference to the end of the game's dedicated servers in 2020 and its last update. This was the result of the loss of a legal battle between Horror Inc and the license holder and film director, Victor Miller. The legal battle didn't directly involve the studio, but focused on the entire license of the Friday the 13th IP.

Keltner reveals that several packs were due to be heading to the game. One was a Slumber Party clothing pack where the counselors would wear sleepwear skins. Keltner details how he set up an 1800 number as a satirical sex line, with the intention being for fans to call it to hear the characters saying "silly sexy stuff" like commercials from the '80s and '90s. He details that the court ruled the content not "marketably viable" and that it needed to pass console certification.

A Prom Pack was also to be made available turning the game's Crystal Lake map into a prom night with tuxedos, dresses, and a dance floor that Keltner says " We were modeling the dance floor like the one from the ship in Part 8". There were also plans to turn the maps birdbath into a punch bowl where Jason, the killer, could still use it as a kill spot.

Keltner also details Paranoia, a planned game mode that was similar to Among Us. It found players entering the map and searching for Jason's mask. The person who found the mask could then start killing the other players when wearing the mask but would have to hide to take it on or off to remain unknown. If they were killed, the mask could then be picked up by another player and it would have continued until a winner was determined. Keltner says it needed work, but was fun even in its early stages.

The Paranoia mode was teased in 2017 as Keltner noted in a tweet where he also revealed unreleased key art. The game is still available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and also launched on Nintendo Switch but can only be played through peer-to-peer matches and with no updates on the horizon. Earlier this year, it was reported that Kane Hodder, who did the motion capture for Jason in Friday the 13th: The Game, is working on another project that looks to be with Keltner and other devs that worked on the game.

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