Freeze! It's Lost Planet

Capcom has released a dynamic trailer for its forthcoming Xbox 360 game Lost Planet, which will be released on January 12th. Not long to wait now...

While the trailer doesn't show any gameplay footage, it does demonstrate the quality of graphics we can expect from the game, as well as giving an indication of the scale of the conflict raging on the planet's surface. There's also more chance to gawp at the size of the monsters that inhabit the icy terrain - these critters make the beasts of Monster Hunter look like mere puppies.

The star of the game is Wayne who is searching the planet for an artefact that is tied to the humans' existence on the planet - the Green Eye. Along the way he must battle the monstrous indigenous wildlife as well as other humans trying to get hold of T-ENG, the thermal energy that allows human life to survive in the extreme conditions.

It's an intriguing setup and, combined with the stunning visuals, Lost Planet should be one of the big hits of the New Year. Hit the Movies tab and look for "Lost Planet - trailer 12-08-06" to check out the latest footage.

December 8, 2006