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Free Enterprise 2 gets Alicia Witt?

Free Enterprise

Free Enterprise 2 , the follow-up to the William Shatner-starring late '90s indie film, could be adding Alicia Witt and Eliza Dushku to its cast list.

Both geek-loving actresses have recently been Tweeting about a 12 year old movie that not many people will have seen, hinting that they could be involved in the geek-quel.

Somebody who is definitely back is William Shatner, clearly eager not to be overlooked again as he was with J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot.

Not that his return will be that demanding – Shatner’s just required to play himself, as he was in the original. Except with a twist, of course. In the first film, a duo of wannabe filmmakers and Trekkies meet Shatner and discover he’s not who they expected him to be.

Shooting on the sequel, which is described as Swingers for sci-fi lovers, is expected to shoot this July. Isaiah Mustafa will also appear.

Is this one sequel you actually want to see?