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Free Crackdown 2 'Toy Box' DLC announced, includes Keys to the City cheat mode

Already bored with Crackdown 2? Toy Box, a free add-on, is coming soon to the XBL marketplace. The DLC includes the "Keys to the City,"a mode whichappeared in the first Crackdown and unlockscheats like God Mode, Infinite Ammo, Fly Cam, the ability to freeze the time of day, and others. The download also adds a Level 6 reward, Thruster Ability, which is essentially a jet pack, and a new multiplayer mode called Vehicle Tag.

But wait, there's more! Kind of - that's the end of the free stuff, but for 560 MS points, you can also get:

Two New Vehicles: Access two new vehicles: the wall climbing aquatic mini-tank called the Agency ATV and the Squad Chopper, which allows four players to jump in and man their own weapon, including the proximity mine launcher, precision rocket launcher, twin machine guns and nose machine gun.

Five New Toys: Whether you’re soaring to greater heights or orchestrating a massive explosion, get creative with the following new toys: The Mass Driver (turreted gravity bending weapon), Portable Launch Pads (allows Agents to create their own launch pad jumps), Stickler Grenade (bouncing grenade that sets off smaller explosive charges as it bounces), Thrusters (allow vertical thrust), and Mags on Characters (allow Mag Grenades to be attached to characters).

Two Avatar Awards: Deck your Agent in the latest gear. “Toy Box” offers two Avatar Awards to customize your Xbox LIVE Avatar with the Xbox Green Suit (must complete the Rocketeer Achievement) and Green Helmet.

10 New Achievements: Pacific City never sleeps and neither do the exploits. Industrious Agents will be rewarded with 10 new Achievements and 250 Gamerscore.

Eight Agent Suit Colors: Pick up eight new shades of in-game armor for your Agent.

That's the abridged version - see all the details inthe press release (opens in new tab). You may as well grab the free stuff when it's available so you can squeeze morelife out of the goofy sandbox before you move on. After all, entering dumb cheats and jumping around doing stupid physics tricks is whatsandbox games areall about.

Aug 24, 2010

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer