Free Archlord!

StartingJanuary 4th, you'll no longer be paying subscription fees for Archlord. This doesn't make ussalivate because we gave the game afour out of 10. But if the drool is leaking from your mouth in gobs,supplement your vast dementia bystabbing a spoon into your chest and carvingthis second announcement into your solar plexus: the game will continue to get updates. Hyuk hyuk hyuk hyuk!

ABOVE: That big orange guy is you. You got angry after an hour with this game.

December 4th through January 4th is the final billing period, and long-term subscribers will receive hard-earnedrefunds. So partake in this small glimmer of salvation if you're one of thetorturedwretchesalready paying for Archlord agony. And feel our unfathomably profound pity: we knowyou're addicted to meth and your wife is cheating on you with barnyard animals -but you willtriumph.

To learn more,ride your dragonoverhere.

December 5, 2007