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Exclusive: Meet the seriously creepy Mr. Snowcone in this clip from Freaks, out this Friday

(Image credit: Well Go)

Anyone for ice cream? Freaks, which saw some considerable buzz coming out of its successful showing at 2018’s Toronto Film Festival, is finally getting a release this Friday. In this exclusive clip, we see Chloe – the eponymous Freak – going face-to-face with the sickly-sweet charms of Mr. Snowcone, played by Bruce Dern.

Chloe (Lexy Kolker) finally makes her way out of her house and thought to the outside world, having been locked inside by her father, who tells her people are trying to kill them. The young girl also has unexplained X-Men-style abilities, which could, feasibly, make her the target of several shadowy forces. Counter-point: ice cream. And so, Chloe goes outside.

The dark and dingy house instantly gives way to a warm summer’s day: the sun is shining, bubbles are in the air and, yes, ice cream bells are ringing.

Enter Mr. Snowcone.

Dern, who recently had a small role playing George Spahn in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, glowers with quiet menace when he tells Chloe “nobody’s going to kill you when I’m around.”

Watch the full two-minute clip above to see how it all plays out and, if that’s intrigued you, be sure to check out Freaks, in theaters Friday, September 13.

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