Frame City Killer

Crow sports some sunglasses that aren't just an ill-advised fashion statement. The shades allow Crow to scan virtually everyone and everything he comes across. Along with information, the glasses provide eye candy in the form of trippy visuals that complement the scope of Frame City Killer's extensive environments.

Frame City Killer utilizes Unreal 3 technology; it's actually the first Japan-developed title to do so. As such, you'll experience plenty of realistic physics and see some amazing graphics. The screens we've seen so far aren't without their flaws (the car is especially rough looking), but it's better to use pre-release pictures as more of a reference than a bible to how the finished product will look.

We hoped to get our hands on Frame City Killer by now. It was originally slated for Holiday 2005. But if anything deserves some slack, it's a new property on new hardware. We're just keeping our crosshairs crossed that it delivers an excellent action-packed, open-ended experience when it finally releases later this year.