Frame City Killer

The next Xbox 360 project from Namco is a tough one to pin down. It's best described as Hitman meets Grand Theft Auto, set in a Deus Ex style future dystopia. Now, you may find yourself even more confused than before, and we don't blame you. That's why a few hundred more words of explanation follow.

Frame City sits in the middle of a futuristic East Asia. Unfortunately, instead of friendly robots and cures for disease, this future is most famous for its new drugs. Visual Acid is the flavor of the month and is more deadly and addictive than anything before it. Who would've thought there would come a time when citizens were longing for the days when crack ruled the streets? As Crow (not Cameron or Russell; just "Crow") you're trying to single-handedly eliminate this controlled substance and the carnage it has created.

Crow isn't waltzing around with a cop uniform and baton; he's under deep cover. Posing as a gun for hire, he's on the trail of notorious drug kingpin Kahn. Kahn's one tough nut to crack, so you'll have to complete all sorts of missions to get closer to him. Fortunately, they're all open-ended, violent endeavors where you get to pick your poison. Sometimes literally.

Frame City Killer doesn't have a set-in-stone "right" way to pull off a successful hit. As long as you end up alive and your target doesn't, feel free to use any means necessary. This includes paying off stoolies, intimidating tough guys, planting bombs, and sniping skulls. The game has its fair share of vehicle portions and hand-to-hand combat, as well.