Fox to air Angry Birds code during Super Bowl XLV

All right, we get it; a lot of you wish the Angry Birds who go ahead and get caught in a jet turbine already. As for the millions upon millions who continue to Zen out to Rovio's bestselling app, you may want to record this weekend's Super Bowl, as Fox is planning to embed a top secret Angry Birds code into the ads for the upcoming animated film, Rio.

Oh, you're interested? Good. Let the haters hate. This weekend, Fox will be implanting a split-second Angry Birds code in its Rio spots that will grant eagle-eyed viewers access to bonus Angry Birds content, as well as enter them in a contest to attend Rio's world premiere in Rio de Janeiro. Spotting the code will require one to cycle through the ad frame-by-frame; a task we highly recommend you do when the rest of Super Bowl party has either left or passed out.

Though I have absolutely zero opinion and/or knowledge on the movie in question, I do enjoy warm climates and free stuff. Unfortunately, we Canadians are typically denied the pleasure of viewing American Super Bowl ads, so here's hoping Carl's Crazy Carpet Outlet decides to run a similar promotion (you'll be floored by his prices, I'm told).

Feb 3, 2011

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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