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Four for Virtual Console

Sept 4, 2007

Four new retro titles have arrived on the Wii Virtual Console, the most notable of which is the excellent Genesis adventure Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole.

For the ignorant, it has you play as elvish treasure hunter Nigel (yes, Nigel) as he undertakes a quest to gather treasure through the villages, caves and dungeons of Mercator Island.

Joining Landstalker (which is the usual 800 Wii points, by the way) is NES side-scroller Adventure Island, obligatory TurboGrafx offering Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure and erm, Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Y'know, for the kids going back to school this week.

The NES pair are up for the usual 500 points, while Bonk is up for 600. Can we have some more N64 games now, please?