Four 3DS eShop titles announced for coming months

While today's Nintendo Direct had plenty love for the lesser Mario brother, the 3DS eShop got plenty of attention, too. Three new games landing in coming months will give players plenty to download.

First up is Kersploosh, a game that puts players in the craggy hide of a rock dropped down a well. Kind of a peaceful image if you're just waiting up top to hear the splash, but evidently there's a hellish domain of donuts and cannonfire for the stalwart stone to evade on its way down. Check it out March 7.

Next up on March 28 HarmoKnight, the first non-Pokemon title from Gamefreak in just about forever. Players jump and attack as the level scrolls by, creating distinct melodies as they pull off each action. And yes, there's a Pokemon level.

Dillon’s Rolling Western: The Last Ranger continues the tower-defense adventures of the armadillo cowpoke on April 11. Dillon must upgrade towers, roll around with great aggression, and even recruit former rivals for his village-defending cause, Seven-Samurai style.

Finally, Nintendo had to get a little bit of plumber in there somewhere, with Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move "coming soon." The puzzle series expands into 3D with several stages to overcome and a full-featured puzzle creator to share custom brain teasers with friends.

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