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Xbox Japan just revealed Forza Motorsport 6 by accident

Well, this must be irritating. With only a week to go until E3 2015, Xbox Japan just posted (and subsequently deleted) a glut of info and a few long, thin screenshots of Forza Motorsport 6. Well, their loss is our gain, as Videogamer noted down all the new information.

Let's start with the big one - there will be 450 cars playable in-game from launch. After complaints about Forza 5's scarcity of content, Turn 10 has clearly been listening to fans. That willingness to listen extends elsewhere, too.

Fan-requested features like night driving, dynamic weather and full damage modelling all make it in. 2-player split screen returns, while 24-player race make their introduction. There will be 26 tracks, too, including Daytona Speedway - which means I am now legally obliged to include this, the greatest video on the internet:

Finally, the game will run at 1080p/60fps, and will include "3D puddles". Only a racing game would boast about such a thing, and that makes me very happy indeed.

We'll likely be learning even more at the Microsoft press conference on June 15th.

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