Forza Horizon 5 map revealed in full

Forza Horizon 5
(Image credit: Playground Games)

The full Forza Horizon 5 map appears to have been revealed.

Just below, you can check out a tweet from the official Forza Horizon Twitter account. This tweet appears to showcase the entirety of the new map of the forthcoming racing game, which we know will take place entirely in Mexico.

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However, this is just how the Forza Horizon 5 map might typically look throughout Summer, as you can see in the graphic near the bottom right corner of the image. This means we're yet to get a proper look at how the new map will look throughout Spring, Fall, and Winter, so there's still plenty left to be uncovered.

It was just two weeks ago that we were treated to screenshots showing off every region in Forza Horizon 5. Stunning screenshots showcased the Living Desert, Sand Desert, Volcano, Jungle, Swamp, Urban, Tropical Coast, Rocky Coast, Farmland, Arid Hills, and Canyon regions of the game, and it's fair to say that the forthcoming racing game from Playground is going to look brilliant no matter where you're driving.

Forza Horizon 5 launches later this year on November 5 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. Thanks to recently-revealed performance benchmarks for the game, we know that both the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of Forza Horizon 5 will be able to maintain 60FPS, although the latter version will output at a slightly lower resolution than its more powerful counterpart.

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