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Fortnite update 6.10 adds Quadcrasher vehicles and in-game tournaments

Fortnite (opens in new tab) update 6.10 is out today, and it's already ushered in a new era of Quadcrashing (opens in new tab). Fortnite Battle Royale's new Quadcrasher vehicle is arguably the star of the update, but 6.10 also added in-game tournaments, dozens of minor changes, and some new Fortnite Save the World missions. 

The Quadcrasher is a two-seater vehicle capable of plowing right through buildings thanks to its boost. "You build boost just by driving," Epic said - and on top of base destruction that boost can also be used to roadkill or knockback players. Plus, it's the best way to rack up points for the Quadcrasher's combo meter. 

Today's update also kicked off the first official in-game Fortnite Battle Royale tournament. As previously reported (opens in new tab), tournaments can be accessed via the events tab, and are open to all players on all platforms. Tournaments will feature several modes and scoring systems in the future, but the first tournament - which starts today and runs through Sunday, October 21 - is a simple solo tournament. You can find more details and the full schedule for the first five tournaments in the link above.

Fortnite Save the World players received some new content of their own in the form of Beta Storms. These are a new kind of Mission Alert, which Epic says will serve "as an avenue for testing all kinds of new content." Beta Storms are also limited-time missions: "They'll stick around for a week or two, and then they're gone," Epic said. The current Beta Storm, for example, will end when update 6.20 arrives, so play it while you can. And make sure to test out the two new auto rifles, Gravedigger and Rat King, while you're at it. 

Naturally, the full patch notes (opens in new tab) are filled with smaller tweaks. Here are some of the most noteworthy changes: 

  • Battle Royale - Removed all Common weapons  
  • Battle Royale - The Port-a-Fortress has been disabled as we work to resolve some issues related to this item (Drop rate for Port-a-Fort increased from 3.05% to 4.89% while Port-a-Fortress is disabled) 
  • Battle Royale - You can now view and change Edit Controls separately from Combat and Build Controls in the controller menu.  
  • Save the World - The minimum power ratings on missions are now enforced depending on the privacy setting of your party  

Fortnite Season 7 (opens in new tab) will soon be upon us. Here's everything we know.

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