Fortnite season 7 adds The Block, a blank canvas on the map reserved for player creations


Fortnite season 7 is in full swing, and Epic just added a huge incentive to mess around in the custom buildings of Fortnite Creative Mode. As of this moment, Risky Reels has been flattened out of existence on the Fortnite island, and in its place sits The Block. Right now, it's just a blank square of cement, which would make for pretty boring skirmishes - but it'll eventually be a space showcasing the very best layouts that the community concocts in Creative Mode.

Revealed during The Game Awards 2018, Epic Games' Donald Mustard spoke with host Geoff Keighley about The Block, which he describes as "a new space where we will be featuring the best and coolest content created by you." While it's not yet explicitly clear which lucky creation(s) will be selected to occupy The Block, Mustard said "We're going to all pick it together." I'm imagining it'll be a mix of Epic cherry-picking some of the best, most elaborate buildings that virtual architects create, then letting players get in on the action with a vote, or perhaps The Block will rotate its selections based on community feedback.

Either way, it's great to see Epic giving Fortnite's staggeringly huge community a chance to get their content featured in the game they love so much. Even if you're not a crackshot with a sniper rifle or can't hastily build walls to save your life, building a place that's worthy of occupying The Block draws from an entirely different skillset. And with so many people playing Fortnite, your masterpieces will be seen - and used as a slaughtering ground - by millions. We can't wait to see what Fortnite fans cook up - and just how complicated some of the Creative Mode layouts can get. I'm hoping for a to-scale Statue of Liberty popping up on the island courtesy of The Block.

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Lucas Sullivan

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