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Fortnite players with PS Plus get another bonus pack with 3 items, here's how to claim yours

Fortnite (opens in new tab) players who subscribe to PlayStation Plus have another goodie bundle waiting for them in the store. The PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack includes three items: the Flappy Glider, Controller Pickaxe, and Artifact skydiving trail. You can see how all three of the items above will look once you get in the game, and read on to find how to claim yours.

How to get the Fortnite PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack

  1. Make sure you have an active PS Plus subscription on the account you use to play Fortnite. You don't need it to play Fortnite online, but you will need it to claim this pack. Check out our PS Plus deals for savings on a code, or you could even just use a free trial if you have access to one.
  2. Log into the PlayStation Store and navigate to this page in the US (opens in new tab) or this page in the UK (opens in new tab), or search for "Fortnite Battle Royale: PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack" in the store.
  3. Hit "Add to Cart", then do the normal checkout process (you won't have to pay anything).
  4. Log into Fortnite with the same PSN account and your goodies should be waiting in your locker!

This is actually the third pack full of bonus goodies for PlayStation Plus subscribers; the contents have all been unified by a nice PlayStation blue theme so far, so you can mix and match as you please. The new Artifact trail emits the four PlayStation button colors from your hands and feet and the Controller Pickaxe kind of looks like a PS4 controller (opens in new tab), but I'm not really sure what's so PlayStation-y about a glider with big googly-eyed face on top. Best not to overthink it.

For more cosmetic goodness, check out our guide to Fortnite Halloween costumes and accessories (opens in new tab). 

Connor Sheridan
Connor Sheridan

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