Fortnite PC performance mode gives players an extra boost at a lower resolution

Fortnite RTX
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A Fortnite PC performance mode has been introduced for players with lower spec machines. 

Update 15.10 gives players on machines that aren't as powerful as others a chance to drop the graphical quality without sacrificing frames per second, and a tweet from the Fortnite Status account confirmed that it'll be available in an Alpha state from December 15. 

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Players can opt-in to the mode by accessing it in the game’s system settings, although the new performance mode will be available in Battle Royale and Creative mode only. Epic Games state that the players who run the game on the lowest setting can now enjoy better framerates and save hard drive space.  

With the launch of Performance Mode in Fortnite on PC, players will also have the choice to turn off high-resolution textures through the Epic Games launcher options page. That will remove roughly 14GB of high-resolution content, and result in the game coming in at around 17GB once all options have been removed. This move will save players who are running the game at lower resolution some disk space at the expense of losing a little visual detailing.  

Epic Games also note that for PC players who want to experience the high-resolution textures whilst in Performance Mode, they'll need to download an additional package which will be available once the 15.10 patch has been downloaded. The account also tells players that the patch size of the update will be larger than normal (approximately 23GB) for those who have high-resolution textures installed. 

Alongside this announcement, Epic Games have also announced an update which adds 120 FPS support in Battle Royale/Creative modes on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S from December 15. This brings the resolution up from 1080p to 1200p however to run the game consistently at 120 FPS - the max resolution on next-gen consoles has been lowered from 4K to 1440p.

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