Fortnite Nitro Drifters: Where to find them

One of the Fortnite Nitro Drifters parked at a gas station
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Fortnite Nitro Drifters are one of the latest additions to the battle royale, and although they may just look like futuristic cars with a splash of neon added, there's something else going on under the hood. These vehicles, as the name suggests, have the ability to Drift, which means you can slide them sideways around corners at speed while generally looking cool. What's more, the Fortnite quests have already started incorporating them, so you'll need to destroy objects while drifting or boosting in a Nitro Drifter to tick off one of the season's early assignments. Of course, you need to get behind the wheel before you can do that, so here's where to find Nitro Drifters in Fortnite and how to drive them.

Where to find Nitro Drifters in Fortnite

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You'll only find Fortnite Nitro Drifters in the southeast half of the map, mainly in the new futuristic biome, though there are also some to be found in the grass biome running across the middle of the island. We've marked their starting locations on the map above, and if you want the best chance of finding one of these neon vehicles then head to the following places: 

  • MEGA City
  • Drift Ridge (north of MEGA City)
  • Slappy Shores
  • Steamy Springs

Nitro Drifters in Fortnite may not spawn in all of the above locations in every match, and if other players drive them away first then naturally they won't be found in their starting positions, so aim for an area with a higher concentration of markers to improve your odds of getting a ride.

How to drive Fortnite Nitro Drifters

One of the Fortnite Nitro Drifters drifting around a corner in MEGA City

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite Nitro Drifters handle in much the same way as the previous cars, in that you can accelerate and brake using the pad shoulder triggers or up and down on the left stick. The main difference though is that by holding the left shoulder button the car will Drift, allowing you to slide around corners sideways while maintaining much of your speed, and if you do this for a couple of seconds before releasing the button you'll also receive a brief period of boost to shoot you forwards – just try not to oversteer and boost straight into a wall!

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