All the biggest Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 changes

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 changes
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The Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 2 changes are big. The Fortnite map is almost unrecognizable, there are new challenges, new weapons and more. The failed Device experiment from the end of the last season event has flooded the map, leaving it half its under water and, as a result, there are new points of interest, whirlpools, Sharks, Aquaman and plenty more. Weapons changes and new Marauder NPCs to fight are just the start. Here are the 7 biggest Fortnite changes you need to know about. 

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1. The new Fortnite map is flooded

Fortnite new map

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Of course the biggest change is to the map. It’s now FULL of water. The old locations like Frenzy Farm and Pleasant Park have been redesigned and now feature houses on inflatables and there are new locations to discover like The Fortilla where you’ll find one of the new vaults on the island, more on them in a bit. 

2. There's an all new Battlepass with new rewards. 

Fortnite new Battlepass

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With every season comes a new battlepass and this one is no different. With season 3 being water themed it’s not really a surprise that Aquaman has is now part of the Fortnite universe. Like with Deadpool last season he comes with his own set of challenges which will unlock over time and completing them earns you different styles. The rest of the battle pass is suitably water themed as well containing gliders, contrails and emoticons. Oh and Kit. Kit is our new best friend. 

3. Sharks and Whirlpools are a new way to travel around the watery map

fortnite sharks

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Given all the water that’s around it’s also not a surprise to see the arrival of Sharks on Fortnite island. These giant beasts roam the waters so make sure you don’t spend too long going for a casual swim, although you can hook on with a fishing rod and use them to pull you around on water skis. When not acting like cars with fins they can destroy structures and even make their way onto land so watch your back on small islands. They can be killed and will drop a weapon if you manage to eliminate one. Also joining the sharks in the water are Whirlpools. These can be found all around the island and swimming over one will launch you up into the air and allow you to redeploy your gliders. Think of them as this seasons geysers from chapter 1. 

4. Marauders are new NPCs that roam the map and drop higher level gear when defeated

Fortnite Marauders

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Marauders function a lot like the henchmen from last season but are far more mobile, teleporting in around the map to cause trouble rather than patrolling bases. Like the henchmen, who are still around patrolling the bases haven’t sunk, they drop useful loot. Take down the Heavy Marauder for example and you’ll get an Epic RPG. They’re pretty heavy hitters though, and appear in small groups without warning so be careful - if they appear while you’re facing off with a player things can get messy real fast.   

5. There are new vaults to enter and and bosses to defeat

fortnite vaults

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Now that the island has had a makeover some of the bosses and vault locations from last season have been replaced. So if you want to get your hands on those mythic weapons in season 3 you’ll have to visit these locations

  • The Authority - This can be found in the center of the map where the agency was in the last season and it’s where you’ll find Jules. Eliminating Jules will get you Jules’ Glider Gun - An infinite grappler, Jules’ drum gun, and the Authority key card which will get you access to the vault.
  • Catty Corner - Replacing the old box factory is Catty Corner in G6. Eliminate Kit here and pick up Kit’s charge Shotgun, Kit’s shockwave grenade launcher and the catty corner key card for the vault.
  • The Fortilla you’ll find this in B6 and 7. It’s a huge area and its where you’ll find Ocean. Elimite him and you’ll get Ocean’s burst assault rifle, bottomless chug jug and key card for the vault.

6. There are new weapons to play with and things coming in and out of the vault

fortnite weapons

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The big new change in Season 3 is the Charge Shotgun that replaces the now Vaulted Pump. The P90 has also been unvaulted to give you an alternative close range spray and pray option if you don’t dig the charge. There’s a new Flare Gun, and Firefly Jar throwable, to add some flame based chaos into the new watery map. While hunting rifles and bolt action sniper rifles return from the vaulty grave to give you some range options across the waves. There are some new mythic weapons as well in the shape of Ocean's Burst Assault Rifle, Jule's Glider Gun, Kit Shockwave grenade Launcher and Kit’s Charge Shotgun, and Ocean's Bottomless Chug Jug, which refills after a cooldown so you never die of thirst. Literally. 

7. Cars and trucks are on the way

fortnite cars

(Image credit: Epic)

Ground-based vehicles feature heavily in the trailer for Season 3, but as of right now, they're not in the game. The battle pass trailer narration explains that "by the end of the season, there'll be new ways to get around" while showcasing two vehicles — a sports car and a pickup truck — in a high-speed chase. Right now though, half of the map is flooded, so unless these are amphibious, they wouldn't be much use. It's a similar story to the helicopters last season which were in the trailer but took a while to appear in the main game; keep your eyes peeled and you'll no doubt be behind the wheel soon.

8. You can now make your own glider with Build-a-brella

fortnite Build-a-brella

(Image credit: Epic)

This season it is all about making your glider yours with the new Build-a-brella option. Much like Maya in season 2 there’s a suite of options to unlock as season 3 progresses that will let you make your own personal umbrella. As well as basics like color, you’ll be able to change every aspect of the umbrella’s design including the topper, shaft, canopy, bottom cap and trail color. The physical elements unlock as you level up your battlepass and you’ll have to hit 95 if you want it all unlocked. While the colors unlock through challenges that will appear over time.

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