Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges guide: How to complete the weekly challenges

Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges - Season 5 Week 9

Free Challenges:

  • Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents (500)
  • Get Trick Points in a Shopping Cart or ATK (150,000)
  • Follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts (HARD) (1)

Battle Pass Challenges:

  • Stage 1: Search a Chest in Haunted Hills (1)
        - Stage 2: Search a Chest in Shifty Shafts (1)
        - Stage 3: Search a Chest in Lazy Links (1)
        - Stage 4: Search a Chest in Tilted Towers (1)
        - Final Stage: Search a Chest in Risky Reels (1)
  • Visit different Stone Heads (7)
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations (HARD) (5)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tomato Temple (HARD) (3)


Get Trick Points in a Shopping Cart or ATK

If you've been leaping through the air in one of the Fortnite shopping carts or Fortnite ATKs, you may have noticed a score popping up in the bottom left corner of your screen. These are your Trick Points, rating you for things such as jump length, jump height, number of rotations etc. 150,000 may seem like a lot, but with a decent jump you can easily rack up 30,000+ points in one go. ATKs are the better option to score Trick Points with, as they're much easier to accelerate to high speed, so build yourself a ramp, race up it and fly off the top - just make sure you stick the landing. Here are the locations you should be able to find an ATK, if another player hasn't taken them already:

  • Snobby Shores - Northmost house (A5)
  • Snobby Shores - Road that leads to Tilted Towers (B5)
  • Paradise Palms - In the central square (I8)
  • Racetrack near Paradise Palms - In the garage (J6)
  • Racetrack near Paradise Palms - In garage next to the diner (J6)
  • Lazy Links - Next to the house near the lakehouse (F2)
  • Lazy Links - By the Tennis Courts (F3)


Follow the treasure map found in Shifty Shafts (HARD)

If you take a look in the lower part of Shifty Shafts by the rail tracks, you'll find this Fortnite Shifty Shafts treasure map pointing to the multi-level pillar mountain found southwest of Dusty Divot.

To follow the treasure map, head over there and aim to drop in from the south, as you want to land on the plateau at the far southeast of the mountains.

Land on the plateau between some rocks and a tree, overlooking a couple of tents and a campfire on the level below. The hidden Battle Stars should pop up here, so grab them quickly and watch out for opponents who may have landed on the higher level platforms where weapons often spawn.


Stage 1: Search a Chest in Haunted Hills

Here we have another five stage chest quest, where the next stage isn't revealed until you complete the previous one by opening a chest in the specified area. After beginning with a chest in Haunted Hills, you'll then make your way through the following locations in order: Shifty Shafts, Lazy Links, Tilted Towers, and Risky Reels, to unlock all five Battle Stars. As before, each subsequent stage of the quest unlocks at the end of the match you completed the previous stage in, so you can't get ahead by going to the next location during the same round. If you're looking for the best places to find chests in each location then check out our complete Fortnite chest locations guide.


Visit different Stone Heads

After having to search where the Stone Heads are looking in Week 6, this new challenge involves actually visiting all seven of the Stone Heads individually. Thankfully they're not to difficult to spot, given how massive they are, so head to the locations marked below and say hi to the Easter Island statues:

  • C2 - in the trees southeast of Junk Junction
  • G3 - in the trees north of Tomato Temple
  • F5 - northwest of the Dusty Divot warehouses
  • I5 - on top of the hill west of Lonely Lodge
  • C6 - in a circle of stones north of Greasy Grove
  • E7 - on top of the hill east of the Shifty Shafts metal bridge
  • E10 - on a hill southwest of the Lucky Landings wooden bridge


Other Battle Pass Challenges: