Forget everything you thought you knew: A possible Avengers 4 leak says time travel is out, multiverses are in

Will Doctor Strange be the key to Avengers 4 time travel (or lack thereof)?

Avengers: Endgame already has a couple of things that we know to be pretty much confirmed, right? It’s a given, for example, that Peter Parker is coming back with Spider-Man: Far From Home round the corner and the other big guarantee is that time travel is going to play a major role. Or is it? If an Avengers 4 rumour – which you should always be wary about – is true, get ready to have the rug pulled out from underneath us, Marvel-style.

According to a post on the Marvel Studios Spoilers Reddit from a source who claims (operative word: claims) to have been in contact with Disney and Fox over pre-viz work – essentially planning out big set-pieces that require SFX –  has the firm belief moving forward is that time travel isn’t going to be a thing in Avengers 4.

I know, right? WTF, indeed. Instead, we’re looking at “parallel dimensions” which, while it isn’t a new concept to any comic readers out there, might need some explaining.

It’s essentially a parallel universe/multiverse deal, with there presumably being a universe where Thanos didn’t snap his fingers and dust away half of the MCU, along with several others. Think Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, but replace every version of Spidey with an RDJ that does slightly different eye-rolls and you’ll get the picture.

That also means, in these multiverses, certain Marvel characters are (apparently) given more prominence. Maybe Hawkeye is Ronin in one timeline, and mysteriously missing from Avengers: Infinity War in another? It just about fits and even Benedict Cumberbatch may have spoiled it months ago, but, again, take this all with a pinch of salt.

Besides, time travel is the easier and far more digestible concept. Having said that, a multiverse would certainly pave the way for X-Men and other Fox properties to slide right into the MCU without too much fuss. Just sayin’.

So, will it happen? My money’s on… probably not. But it’s a cool concept and one that shouldn’t be off the table for good. Only time (ahem) will tell if it’s in Avengers 4, though. Fingers crossed.

Welp. This certainly turns a few Avengers: Endgame theories on their head. Care to guess what comes next?

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