Force Unleashed II canceled on PSP. Does anybody care?

Apparently the Force is not with the PSP, as LucasArts has reportedly pulled the plug on the Sony handheld version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II.

The game will still be shipping out to pretty much every single other platform: DS, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, and even the iPhone. It seems like there would have to be something pretty wrong with a system for it not to be included in the game's repertoire.

Above: The Force Unleashed on PSP. Perhaps the last time you’ll get to see amazing Force action on Sony’s portable platform

Although LucasArts didn't say why it canned the PSP version, it doesn't take a genius to realize the company’s bean counters were probably concerned the PSP version wouldn't sell well enough to justify the extra development cost. Or perhaps the PSP team just hit a snag and determined it wasn’t worth the effort to fix it.

LucasArts does have one other PSP project currently on its docket: Lego Star Wars III, which is due out for the holiday season. We wouldn’t necessarily plunk down a pre-order on that one just yet, though. The studio has previously axed the PSP version of Star Wars Episode III, as well as what was going to be a PSP-exclusive rhythm game called Traxion.

Above: The PSP’s cancellation should not dissuade you from buying the special edition of the game on PS3, which comes with this awesome USB flash drive

Seriously, what is the last PSP game that actually made a big splash? Sure, we've had titles like Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite earlier this summer, but even those AAA titles didn’t come close to ranking on the lists of top game sellers in the US. The PSP has kind of become like that kid in the back of the classroom that still shows up every day and probably gets passing grades, but no one really talks to., but that kid is stillvery popular in Japan.

As a side note, even though the first Force Unleashed came out for the PS2, Sony's last-gen console is not included in the line-up for the upcoming sequel. That Sony platform is more like the kid in the classroom who is finally dead.

The cancellation announcement did not affect release plans for the rest of The Force Unleashed II's multi-platform launch, which is slated for October 26.


Aug 12, 2010

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