Forspoken's banter slider could come in very handy for players

Forspoken preview
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Forspoken is out tomorrow, and it's worth remembering the game has a slider to adjust the frequency of dialogue in certain cases.

Back when Forspoken's demo debuted late last year in December 2022, the dialogue concerning sidekick character Cuff was widely panned by fans. Then, players began to realize that, hidden away in the menus of Square Enix's new game, was the option to turn down, or off entirely, the rate at which protagonist Frey and sidekick Cuff would communicate with one another.

Ahead of launch tomorrow on January 24, social media users are criticizing Forspoken's dialogue all over again. After an early gameplay leak showed an opening scene between Frey and the Cuff, Twitter users were quickly rolling their eyes at the dialogue, worrying about whether this early scene would be indicative of the rest of Forspoken.

The dialogue option for Cuff might not turn off cutscene dialogue, but it can eliminate chatter while out exploring the open world of Forspoken, should you wish. If you are planning on picking up Forspoken when it launches tomorrow for both PC and PS5, it's always worth remembering that this option to turn down Cuff exists in the final game.

In fact, the dialogue of Square Enix's new game was one thing our Forspoken review picked up on. Our full review of the new game noted how "uncompelling" the story ultimately was, and how annoying Cuff could be during a lot of Forspoken. Considering this, perhaps that dialogue-tuning option might end up being a godsend for players.

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