Forspoken reactions aren't kind to its dialogue

Forspoken preview
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Forspoken gameplay has leaked online following the game's launch, and reactions to the dialogue haven't been kind.

Yesterday on January 22, Twitter user Daan Koopman revealed he'd received an early retail copy of Forspoken, which isn't set to launch until tomorrow, January 24. Koopman posted a 45-second slice of the game, seen just below, showcasing Forspoken's dialogue in particular.

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This dialogue hasn't gone down overly well with fellow Twitter users. Checking the quote replies to Koopman's original tweet, you can see countless Twitter users bemoaning the dialogue in the snippet, panning the humorous exchanges between protagonist Frey and her ally, Cuff. 

A particular source of displeasure at the dialogue appears to be centered around Frey remarking on new abilities. Twitter users note that the protagonist spends a whole lot of time remarking on her abilities to no effect, with some pointing out that the writing seems overly "Joss Wedon-y." That's not a compliment. 

This is actually the second time that Forspoken's dialogue has received pretty negative feedback from fans. Last year in August, a new trailer for Forspoken was widely memed thanks to some particularly cringe-inducing text from Frey. Later on, in December, Forspoken's demo received mixed feedback, with the dialogue again being a source of frustration. 

When Forspoken launches tomorrow on January 24 for PC and PS5, we'll have to see whether this dialogue is representative of Square Enix's wider game, or whether it's simply an issue in the early hours. Head over to our recent Forspoken preview for an interview with the game director Takeshi Aramaki for further insight. 

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