Football Manager 2023 finally kicks off on PS5 next month

Football Manager 2023
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Football Manager 2023 is on its way to PS5 next month.

The football (or soccer, depending upon what part of the world you're in) management sim originally released on mobile, PC, Switch, and Xbox back in November, but although we knew it was coming to Sony's PS5 console, the release was delayed due to "unforseen circumstances which arose during the submissions and approval process".

Now, however, Sega has confirmed that FM23 will debut on PS5 on February 1, 2023. Furthermore, because of the delay affecting the "pre-order incentive" for Sony players, PS Plus subscribers can grab a 20 per cent discount on the full retail price if they pick it up before February 14, 2023.

"We’re delighted with today’s update that we’re finally going to be able to get FM23 Console into the hands of PS5 gamers," said Miles Jacobson, SI’s studio director. "Since the initial delay, the team at Sports Interactive and our colleagues at SEGA have worked tirelessly with Sony to overcome the issues and we’re pleased to now have a release candidate ready to launch next week.

"While it's unusual for us to release a game during a major football transfer window, our priority from the moment our initial launch was postponed was to get the game into the hands of PS5 gamers as quickly as possible. Once all the global transfer windows are closed, we will provide a data update for the PS5 edition in line with the updates for all of our other platforms."

"FM23 thrusts fans closer to every aspect of the beautiful game, from the supporters filling the stands to scouts, players, opposition managers and newly-licensed competitions like the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Europa Conference League," Sega explains.

Don't forget, there's no way to buy Football Manager 23 as a physical copy this year. Sega says "removing the disc and notebook from this year’s edition, in addition to further refinements to our eco-packaging, means that the overall carbon footprint for FM23’s packaging is 47 per cent lower than FM22’s".

Football Manager 2023 is out now on Apple Arcade, PC, Switch, and Xbox (including Xbox Game Pass).

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