Football Manager 2023 early access beta releases five days earlier than expected

Football Manager 2023
(Image credit: Sports Interactive)

Football Manager 2023 has quietly released into early access, a few days earlier than expected.

Earlier today, Sports Interactive confirmed that the Football Manager 2023 Early Access beta is underway on Steam and the Epic Games Store, with Microsoft Store support expected in the coming days.

If you're pre-ordered the game from a SEGA-approved retailer, that means you'll be able to jump into Steam or Epic and launch the game right now. You've still got plenty of time to net both the early access and a nice pre-launch discount though - buy any time before the full launch on November 8, and you'll be able to play straight away, all for 20% off. You'll also be allowed to carry over any careers started during the beta into the full game.

Happily, the Football Manager 2023 Early Access beta is dropping a few days earlier than expected. Previously, the developers suggested that it would be available roughly two weeks before that full launch date. That should have meant an October 25 drop, but instead, football fans should be getting an extra five days to play.

Over recent years, Football Manager has cemented itself as a title just as important as FIFA to the yearly football game release schedule, thanks in no small part to its world-beating player scouting. Also, there remain comparatively few games that let you take your local team of minnows through to the Champion's League.

This year, Sports Interactive has updated systems around recruitment, your supporters' hopes and dreams, and manager AI. That should mean that it's easier to find great players and manage fans' expectations, but perhaps a little trickier to bamboozle your biggest rivals.

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