Football Manager 2022 release date set for early November

The Football Manager 2022 release date has been set for November 9, and the football club sim will launch on Xbox Game Pass for the first time in the series' history. 

Developer Sports Interactive confirmed the date in a new trailer. Football Manager 2022 will launch on PC and Mac, mobile devices, and Xbox come November. "FM22 Mobile will return to Apple and Android devices while platform information regarding FM22 Touch, including Nintendo Switch, is coming soon," the studio says. 

Content manager Tom Davidson explained its Game Pass arrangement in an Xbox blog post. Football Manager 2022 and Football Manager 2022: Xbox Edition are technically separate titles as far as storefronts are concerned, with the latter leaning into the Xbox controller for a more console-minded experience. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will have access to both games, of course. 

"Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in supported countries/regions can also continue their progress on Football Manager 2022 Xbox Edition from any supported device through Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta)," Davidson says, adding that Xbox players can also transfer progress between their console and a Windows 10 PC. 

As ever, Xbox Game Pass has been absolutely hoovering up games lately. Last month, Humble Games revealed that a bunch of its releases are Game Pass-bound, and recent Xbox showcases have also put new Game Pass entries front-and-center. Expect to see more games and franchises follow Football Manager 2022 and launch on Game Pass as Xbox continues to invest in the service. 

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Austin Wood

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