A bunch of Humble Games titles are coming to Xbox Game Pass day one

A whole bunch of upcoming Humble Games titles are launching on Xbox Game Pass day one, as announced during today's GamesCom 2021 Xbox showcase.

Game Pass for Xbox and PC was already an enticing prospect for fans of indie games thanks to titles like Celeste, Undertale, and Hollow Knight, just to name a few. But today Xbox revealed a laundry list of upcoming indie titles published by Humble Games that will be available on Xbox Game Pass for console and PC right at launch.

Since I'm a sucker for survival horror and gorgeous anime-inspired pixel art, it'll surprise no one that Signalis immediately stands out to me from the list. Developer rose-engine's "Cold-War Eurasian Retrotech-Sci-Fi take on Cosmic Horror" doesn't have a release date yet, but I know I'll be making sure my Game Pass subscription is active when it launches.

Bushiden is another one I can't wait to check out. From the lovely SNES-era visuals and score, to the chaotic boss fights and fast-paced swordplay, this exciting Metroidvania is right up my alley. That said, there seems to be a good variety of Humble Games titles coming to Game Pass, so you're likely to find something here to get hyped for whatever your preferences.

The complete list of Humble Games titles announced as day one Game Pass releases includes Chinatown Detective Agency, Archvale, Midnight Fight Express, Next Space Rebels, Unpacking, Bushiden, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted, and Flynn: Son of Crimson. Some of these titles are launching in 2021 and others are still TBA, but Game Pass subscribers will have access to each one at launch regardless.

Here are some more new indie games of 2021 to keep on your radar.

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