Xbox showcases 5 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass

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Xbox teamed up with Twitch for a second ID@Xbox showcase, and we got five fresh games headed to Xbox Game Pass (or out right now) as part of the deal.

The biggest get from the two-hour long stream was without a doubt Stardew Valley, with creator Eric Barone confirming that a Stardew Valley Game Pass arrival is set for some time this fall. The stream also highlighted dozens more games, and you can see the full list of them on Xbox Wire - but here are the ones you can look forward to playing for free as part of your Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Aragami 2

Shadow-powered ninja action returns in Aragami 2, a bloodsoaked successor that turns up both the stealth and combat of the 2016 original. It's coming to Game Pass September 17 

Evil Genius 2

The sequel to the cult favorite game of dastardly lairs and world domination hit PC earlier this year and is headed to consoles in Q4 2021. It will land on Game Pass as soon as it arrives on Xbox.

Library of Ruina

Create a deck of unusual library guests and fight to preserve your strange public institution in this deck-building RPG battler featuring visual novel-inspired storytelling. It's out on Game Pass right now.


Become a professional dog tender and photographer with stretchy noodle arms in this, the ultimate wish fulfillment game. It's "coming soon" to Game Pass.

Stardew Valley

The country life sim that has already devoured countless hours all around the world will become even easier to play when it hits Game Pass - for both console and PC - this fall. 

See what else we're looking forward to with our guide to upcoming Xbox Series X games.

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