Fnatic React+ Esports gaming headset review: "Does exactly what it sets out to do"

Fnatic REACT+ headset review
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This is a headset powered by one of the most successful esports organisations in the world, and it stays true to its roots with phenomenal in-game performance.


  • +

    Directional audio in shooters is phenomenal

  • +

    Impressively budget price

  • +

    Option of leather or fabric ear cushions


  • -

    Max volume is lower than some competitors

  • -

    Only average for music and other media

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If you play competitive games online, especially shooters, you'll know the importance of audio cues. Pinpointing exactly where gunshots are, listening for nearby footsteps, and enemies reloading round corners are all crucial things to keep an ear out for and the Fnatic React+ Esports gaming headset promises to focus on that. Whether you're a budding esports pro in Valorant or Counter-Strike, or you just want to gain the upper hand in public playlists and climb the ranks, will the Fnatic React+ Esports gaming headset do the job and warrant a spot on our list of the best PC gaming headsets?

Design & features

Fnatic REACT+ headset review

(Image credit: Fnatic)

Despite targeting a particular, hardcore gaming audience with this headset, Fnatic hasn't pulled out all the stops with the design. The exterior of the cups is an unassuming matte black, with just a white strip running around the edge and a Fnatic logo in the middle. The React+ also opts for just a single headband rather than the dual design some sets go for, which helps keep the size down.

Aesthetic-wise, the Fnatic React+ is a plain Jane, but there are two aspects that help elevate it. One is the inclusion of fabric earcups, which can replace the leather ones with a bit of fiddling. This is hugely appreciated, especially when playing in warmer weather or climates. Secondly, thanks to the "+" part of the headset, you have the option of either a USB or 3.5mm connection. With the latter, you can't take advantage of the 7.1 surround sound, but it does mean it can be used on consoles or other devices lacking a USB port.


Fnatic REACT+ headset review

(Image credit: Fnatic)

The most important thing with a headset that is allegedly built for esports play, is the performance. Suffice it to say, it does not disappoint. Fnatic may be an esports organisation at heart and not a company renowned for its product development, but it has channeled into what it knows and created a headset with phenomenal in-game sound at an impressive budget price.

When playing Valorant, it was astoundingly easy to discern where footsteps were coming from, whether they were rotating from one bomb site to another or intermittently shifting around the next corner. Voice communications with my teammates were crystal clear, as were they in Discord.

It's not all sunshine and rainbows though. The audio quality when listening to music wasn't anything to write home about and on one occasion there was some notable distortion, though it was an isolated incident that I couldn't replicate. There is also a limit on just how loud the headset can go, so if you're keen to ramp up the volume and blast the tunes to an almost deafening level, it won't be possible.

Overall, you won't find many features here that elevate the like Razer headsets, Turtle Beach headsets, and even the best PS5 headsets or best Xbox Series X headsets to the upper echelons of 'best of' lists, but the performance you get, for the price tag it has, means the React+ is still extraordinarily good value.


The Fnatic React+ Esports gaming headset is mightily impressive to say it comes in at around the $100 / £85 mark. I've had worse in-game performance from headsets that cost more than double that and despite having a number of headsets in my cupboard, the Fnatic React+ will continue to be my choice for any gaming - it really is the best gaming headset for me now. It's comfortable to wear for long periods, the in-game performance is rivalled by almost no other outside of the premium price range, and it does a very admirable job at noise cancelling. It does exactly what it sets out to do.

NOTE: As of right now, the REACT+ is not in stock in the US - however, with the headset's predecessor being readily available, we imagine the stock situation will drastically improve soon.

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