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Flushed Away clip online

DreamWorks animation are fast becoming the honchos of CGI entertainment, with Shrek, Shark Tale and this year’s Over The Hedge cementing their place among the kiddie-flick elite.

So we have to admit, it was somewhat of a jaw-slackener when they announced that Shane Richie was set to voice dirty rat, Sid, in their latest child-pleaser, Flushed Away.

The ex-Eastender lines up alongside Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen and Kate Winslet in the story set beneath the streets of London, as pampered pet mouse Roddy (Jackman) ends up flushing himself down the gurgler and into a magical world of rodents and reptiles.

Winslet plays Roddy’s love interest, a rat named Rose, while McKellen voices the villainous Toad who plans to stop Roddy from taking Rita back street-side.