Flat Stanley movie on the way

With Harry Potter having hung up his Quidditch robes for good, Hollywood is currently on the prowl for the next children’s story to swell their coffers with the family shilling.

So have Walden Media stolen a march on everyone by optioning the heir to the boy wizard’s throne? Well, probably not, but they have acquired the rights to the Flat Stanley series!

In case you’re unfamiliar with Jeff Brown’s books, Flat Stanley is none other than Stanley Lambchop, a young lad who is rendered one-dimensional when he's flattened by a falling bulletin board.

Deciding to make the best of his newly altered state, Stanley sets about sliding under doors, acting as a kite for his little brother and generally getting into all manner of one-dimensional scrapes.

No director is attached as yet, but the film will be produced by John Carls through his label, Wild Things Productions. Where The Wild Things Are and Rango are the last two projects to have come out of Carls’ stable, which can only bode well for Flat Stanley .

The film will resist the lure of animation, shooting live-action instead and employing a number of special effects to create the impression of a one-dimensional boy in a three-dimensional world.

As one of our favourite childhood books, we can’t wait to see this one brought to life on the big screen. And with more than one million copies of the books sold worldwide, we’re probably not the only ones…

Source: Deadline

Did you read Flat Stanley as a kid? What do you make of a film adaptation? Let us know!

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