Flappy Souls is an unofficial Dark Souls and Flappy Bird crossover that you can play for free

Flappy Souls
(Image credit: Medivelion)

Out of all of the new games 2023 has to offer us, we certainly didn't expect to see a Dark Souls and Flappy Bird crossover.  

Although completely fan-made, and nothing to do with the developers of either Dark Souls or Flappy Bird, Flappy Souls is a real thing that you can play for free on Steam. As you'd expect, players must navigate through a 2D Soulslike world dodging obstacles and collecting souls whilst racking up points. The game was created by indie developer Medivelion and was just released on May 11. 

Despite being a pretty simple concept that has players doing just one thing, the game has already received a number of positive reviews on Steam. One player recommended the title adding: "I hate this game but yet I am compelled to keep playing" - which is exactly how I remember us all feeling about Flappy Bird when it was released back in 2013. 

It looks like the Dark Souls fans are also getting a lot of enjoyment out of Flappy Souls, as one fan writes in a review: "Truly a Soulsborne game." Another also wrote a review that reads: "If you thought you beat all the Souls games, you're wrong. Because this game will beat you, It's so hard. If you die, get up and try again. You will be defeated infinite times and you've got infinite lives too." 

On the topic of Dark Souls, this isn't the first game we've seen this week that was inspired by the FromSoftware title. Kristala is also just like Dark Souls, except in this action RPG you play as a cat. Before you start imagining an adorable four-legged friend exploring a Soulslike world though, we should also let you know that this cat looks more like the Khajiit from Skyrim and less like the cat from Stray.

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