Flags Of Our Father combo trailer arrives

Everything about Clint Eastwood’s new World War Two pics Flags Of Our Fathers and Red Sun, Black Sand just screams Oscar. And this new trailer doesn’t dull that impression – even though it’s in Japanese (well, English with Japanese subtitles and Japanese with no English equivalents) and not exactly in the greatest trailer format.

Still, this is an unusual teaser, possibly a first. It’s a combination effort for big Clint’s Flags, the story of the battle of Iwo Jima and the US troopers who went on to raise the flag that became part of the American war memorial and Red Sun, the Japanese equivalent that he also directed. Flags features Ryan Philippe, Paul Walker and Jamie Bell, while Red Sun (or Letters From Iwo Jima as it may end up being called in Japan and elsewhere) stars Batman Begins’ Ken Watanabe.

Flags Of Our Fathers hits these shores on 22 December, and right now there’s no set release date for Red Sun, Black Sand. But you can view the trailer by clicking here .

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