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Five reasons why COD4 will make you soil yourself

Nov 9, 2007

Modern Warfare has broken out! Huzzah! No, we're not consequence-dismissing warmongers, just excited gamers looking for a (decidedly non-lethal) way to vicariously live out our our battlefield fantasies. Because Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is on sale, and it's amazing.

But wait, recruit, because - as you might have seen - this latest Call of Duty conflict is so intense it'll make flower-gathering, Pinata-breeding gentle gamers soil themselves in utter shell-shocked terror. Don't believe us? Here's five reasons why you'll need to have some spare kecks on hand...

SPOILER WARNING! This feature will infuriate precious gamers!

#1 - You're executed within the first hour!

Call of Duty 4 excels in 'full body awareness', giving you a sense of the character's limbs, weight and bulk as you chop around each area.

In fact, it's so well realised that even when your only movementis under the steam of two burly soldiers, the action is still compelling stuff - perfectly executed (ha ho)during the episode in which you experience the final moments of thedeposed president of the game's ambiguous Middle-East territory.

Hurled into a car, eye-balled by a man wielding an automatic weapon and driven to your doom through a city in utter chaos, this dramatic sequence is only ever going to end badly - with a close-range pistol blast to your skull.