First Star Trek image arrives!

We expected to have to wait for the teaser trailer’s online release, but Paramount has gone all sneaky and released a shot of the USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams’ new movie.

It looks like a still from that very teaser as descriptions point to images of the ol’ ship being built. We showed it to our man in LA and, once he’d stopped cooing, “Oooh… pretty…” we can confirm that what we see so far looks in pretty good keeping with established Trek lore about the NCC-1701. The nacelles look a little odd, but as the picture clearly shows, the ship is far from finished. Plus, we’re promised an internal design that highlights just how big the thing really is, as opposed to the small bridge a 1960s TV budget could afford.

For a better look at the ship and images of the crew, click on over to Moviefone

souce:( Moviefone )