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First Secret of Kells promo poster

Yesterday, the Oscar nominations didn’t contain too many big surprises ( except for these , of course).

But there’s one we missed off that list. It’s a little film called The Secret of Kells , and it snuck its way into the Best Animated Feature category, despite most of us having never heard of it.

Well, here’s the film’s first official promo poster. Click below for a larger version.

Fresh from Ireland, Kell ’s an old school effort that shoves dirt in the face of CG, 3D efforts with some beautifully rendered hand-drawn compositions.

It’s the story of Brendan, a young boy living in a medieval town that is being invaded by barbarians. The Irish voice cast includes Brendan Gleeson. Check out the trailer below...

No official UK release date, but it's out stateside in March. Will you see it?