First screens of Ridge Racer 6 on Xbox 360

Namco's Ridge Racer 6 has been confirmed for Xbox 360, as part of a Microsoft summit, taking place in Japan right now.

At the moment info is limited to the rather delicious set of shots on the right, however Namco has also unleashed some new screens of Frame City Killer, the Unreal powered urban adventure, which should be launched in Japan at the same time as the next-gen Xbox.

A number of other Japanese developers have also used the Xbox 360 summit to reveal their next-gen titles.

Konami was first up to confirm that a version of Pro Evolution Soccer will be released for the new console, along with an updated version of the smut/Smackdown crossover Rumble Roses XX.

Tecmo also chose to flash the flesh by parading a number of bongo-based beat-'em-ups from the Dead or Alive series, including DOA 4, DOA X Volleyball 2 and DOA Code Cronus.

Conspicuously absent from the list was Ninja Gaiden 2, leading some to speculate that Team Ninja may be planning to take its beloved beat-'em-up to another format.

Famed Smackdown developers Yuke's also got in on the grappling game by announcing Wrestle Kingdom, although, no other details have been released.

Microsoft itself also showed off Dynasty Warriors look-alike Ninety Nine Nights, only to be followed by Koei revealing Dynasty Warriors 5 itself.

Xbox 360 is expected for release in the US and Japan this November