First new characters confirmed for Super Street Fighter IV? Probably, very probably

Street Fighter fans. We're never happy. And ironically, it's this generation's embarrassing wealth of quarter-circling wonders that has made us so. As soon as it became apparent that Street Fighter IV was going to make use of more old characters than new, we wanted them all. From every SF game ever made. We even wanted the chicken choking guy from Chun-Li's SFII stage. And his chicken as a secret boss.

Everyonehad a favourite who absolutelyhad to be included, and the non-appearance of any was an immediate sign that Capcom were none-more cruel, none-more heartless, puppy-punching bastards. Then it happened again with the roster of Super Street Fighter IV. And now it's going to happen again, with the arcadeport of said Super sequel, which Capcom has confirmed will include yet more new fighters. And we may now have our first, confirmed addition to properly argue over, via a page from Japan's Arcadia magazine.

Although the scan doesn't reveal anything explicitly, it only hides the reveal by a whisker. You'll noticea character select screen with two new entries blacked out. And you'll also notice the blacked out silouettes of a skateboard and rollerblade to match those entries. What do skateboards and rollerblades mean in the world of Street Fighter?

They mean Street Fighter III's Yun and Yang!

The Lee twins are no stranger to Street Fighter IV, having already appeared in Chun-Li's opening FMV,so it makes sense that they'd make it into the game proper eventually. They also have stronger ties to the rest of the cast than most, the brothers being the nephews of Lee from the very first game, and Yun havingworked with Fei Long in to take down Bisonin the portable versions of Street Fighter Alpha (admittedly with questionable canonicity).

So what do you think? Are the Kung Fu twins a good choice? Is there anyone else you'd rather see taking their spots (or in fact any of the other rumoured six new places)? And would you be interested in picking up any of the arcade edition's additions for the home versions as DLC? Let me know in the comments, or via our community spots on FacebookandTwitter.

*braces for the impact of a thousand screams for Rolento*


David Houghton
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