First look at Rachel McAdams In Sherlock Holmes

The first images of Rachel McAdams as Irene Adler in Sherlock Holmes have been posted online.

While she's not in costume, she's clearly had hair and make-up done.

And given how many other changes Guy Ritchie is making with this new interpretation of Britain's most famous detective, who says she couldn't wander around in Jeans.

Period clothing

Okay, maybe not. And chances are she'll turn up in all manner of sexy period frocks.

For now what we do know about Adler is that she's a feisty femme fatale from New Jersey who was able to match wits with our hero and caught his eye.

She doesn't look particularly thrilled in these pics - maybe it's the paparazzi getting on her nerves. Or maybe Madonna's just wandered on to the set and started shouting at everyone?