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First face-kicking Killzone 3 trailer hits

The first official trailer for Killzone 3 hit theEuropean PlayStation blogearlier today, and it highlights one of the sequel's coolest new additions: the more elaborate close-quarters kills we talked up inour hands-on preview last week, rendered here in super-stylized, extra-brutal slow motion:

Aside from showing a Helghast getting pummeled to death, the trailer also gives us a look at the (presumable) protagonist, who may or may not be an older, hairier version of Killzone 2's Tomas "Sev" Sevchenko...

... who ends the video by donning his defeated enemy's helmet.

Having only seen one level of the game, it's impossile to tell at this point if this is just a cool-looking touch meant to end the video with an iconic Helghast glare, or if it hints at a possible new disguise mechanic/rogue Helghast faction allied with the ISA. Either way, it makes for a pretty cool teaser.

Jun 3, 2010

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